CNJ-2000 Manual embosser


Personalization machine

PVC card embossing machine is used to press letters and numbers on the finished PVC card and membership card.So the card has identifiability.The device is the second generation press, So its accurate location,light weight, Fine-looking,convenient operation and economical price make is to be the necessary many fields such as card factories, securities business, insurance, shopping centers, clubs, and restaurants, etc.To coordinate with WL-160 gilding press obtains the fine raised golden code effect.

Detailed introduction


Technology Parameter:

English letters


Arabic big numerals 0-9 Plus: CNY \ USD \ $ \
Symbol & \ ‘\ ·\’ \ -\ ( \ )
Arabic small numerals 0-9
(B) Symbol · \ — \ / \ \ ( \ )
Characters Adopt ISO international card appropriative characters

1/7 inch 1/10 inch (only for small letters)

Weight 12kg
Dimension L330mm * W260 mm* H125mm
Carton package size L400mm*350mm*250mm


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Manual embosser


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