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Product Description: CNJ-3A/4A/5A PLC automatic card punching machine This type of card punching machine uses a LCD industrial touch screen man-machine interface. The feeding system adopts Japanese Mron servo motor, Japanese high-precision ball screw and planar guide rail, ensuring smooth movement and accurate movement distance. Using a professional high sensitivity photoelectric identification device to read the positioning marks, the positioning is accurate and reliable. Taiwan hydraulic pump, low noise, large flow. The imported seal has a long service life. Hydraulic cylinder punch, smooth cutting, low noise. The mold is made of imported mold steel. Strong software functionality, 8 cards can be set with asynchronous distance, material deformation or mechanical wear can still ensure punching accuracy. The feeding and blanking methods include double mold, three mold, four mold, and five mold, which can be flexibly selected.

Detailed introduction

Function and Application Introduction

This model of punch machine is controlled through PLC from Mitsubishi/Omron of Japan and adopts the interface of man-machine of LC industry touch screen of color DSTN, WeinView MT508S 7.7" from Taiwan. The material feed system adopts the servomotor of Mitsubishi/Omron and high precision ball screw as well as plane guide imported from Japan. It moves smoothly, the move distance is accurate. It uses the high sensitive photoelectric recognizers from TAKEX of Japan to read the position marks. Positioning is accurate and reliable. The hydraulic pump from Taiwan is low noise, large flow. The hydraulic valves from YUKEN of Japan and American sealing are long life for using. The die of hydraulic cylinder is dieing smoothly and steady, low noise. The mould is made by imported mould steel. The software function is strong, you can set 8 cards to the different step of distance, and ensure punching precision even in the situation of material distortion or mechanism worn. Punching speed is 30% higher than similar products.

Technical parameter:

suitable for

0.3~1.0mm PVC and other plastic materials

Punch layout


The number of punches


Max punch strength

0~5000 kg adjustable

Cylinder travel


Hydraulic oil tank volume


Air source

0.6 MPa

Air consumption

50 L/min

Power source

AC380V 50/60Hz








Appr.1000 kg

key word:

punching hydraulic punch CNJ-3A/4A/5APLC Automatic punching machine


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