CNJ-Q030 Hot stamping machine


Personalization machine

Detailed introduction

The main function:

The automatic hot stamping machine is suitable for various hot stamping of various PVC cards, smart cards, business cards, clothing tags, red packet, signature strips, voucher coding and so on.Available in copper plate or zinc plate, the setting is accurate, and the hot stamping speed can be stepless and high-speed.

Technical parameters:


Dimensions 1200*700*1360mm
Hot stamping speed (sheet/hour) 3000-5000
Maximum hot stamping feed 110*260mm
Minimum hot stamping feed 40*40mm
Power supply 220V/3kw
Mechanical weight 320kg

1. Integrate cards, color boxes, printed products, film belt conveying, hot stamping, finished products, and waste collections into one.

2. Hot stamping processing, speed and stroke parameters are adjustable to ensure stable and reliable hot stamping.

3. Reasonable heating plate structure design ensures that the card is positioned accurately and does not damage the card.

4. The vacuum suction cup pulls the card for transportation,which ensures that the card is positioned accurately and does not hurt the card.

5. The imported temperature control mode is used to control the temperature of the heating plate separately,with high temperature control accuracy, good hot stamping effect, and integrated personalized material collection .

6. High -precision positioning and stepper motor special rubber wheel to convey the film belt, the stepping distance is stable and reliable (can also be set by adjusting parameters), and the utilization consumables are high.

7. Adopt microcomputer control program to control automatic operation, color friendly control template, convenient andsimple operation.

8.There is no need to turn the big flywheel by hand to adjust the position, just touch the switch. The operation is safer and the production safety accident is greatly reduced.

key word:

Hot stamping machine


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