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Detailed introduction

JK3000+ the third generation of smart handheld card counter, a new design, a new concept, more mature and stable performance, better adaptability. It is made of imported optical components, ARM7 high performance processor, precise logic analysis circuit and counting algorithm. The new type-c charging interface is convenient to use and carry. Its powerful card counting ability can accurately count more than 0.25mm PVC card braille card, chip card, PET material card, ABS material card and paper card (paper card requires a thickness of more than 0.3mm). The card counting machine is suitable for all kinds of manufacturers or institutions that manufacture or issue credit cards, saving cards, smart cards, second-generation cards, membership cards, preferential cards, telephone cards, etc. At present, it is widely used in various industries at home and abroad. Considering the market demand, the company provides pure neutral products, OEM services, please call the company for details.

Product features:
1,Ergonomic design: graceful arc design and comfortable grip coordination, ergonomic design. Setting and operation keys on the design panel can effectively prevent accidental collision.
2,Smart screen LCD display, intelligent display of single count, cumulative count, power and other information, user-friendly menu design, support for Chinese and English interface switch. Please refer to the instruction for specific operation.
3,General-purpose no. 5 large-capacity battery: it is powered by large-capacity lithium battery with strong endurance (theoretical standby time is more than five months). Type-c charging interface is provided, which is convenient and fast.
4,Super power saving function: no power switch design, 30 seconds do not use automatic shutdown. Press the SCAN card key to start the machine automatically. Display working current is 3mA, working current of digital card is 40mA, standby current is 40uA, super power saving function.
5,Switch between multiple card modules: considering various demands in the market, multiple card modes are set. Standard, braille, thin card, etc
6,Battery power and charging protection design: display the battery power on the screen, and keep track of the power of the device at any time. Protect the machine during charging to prevent damage of the equipment due to excessive current during charging.
7,Anti-wear and shockproof design: the shell is made of ABS and PVC material, which can guarantee not only hand feeling but also durable wear resistance and color fastness for a long time. The screw column adopts the diameter increasing design of the copper column to ensure the anti-seismic and anti-fall.

Parameter requirements:

Power supply requirements

3.7v 1200mAh

Operating current


Standby current


Working environment

the temperature is 10 ~ 40


30%RH ~ 90%RH

Maximum credits


Machine size

175mm(d) x 85mm(w) x 38mm(h)

Machine weight


Applicable unit:

Card factory, bus, subway, bank, social security, public security, highway, supermarket, electric power, telecommunication and other related units.

key word:

card counter


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