Patterned steel plate


Steel plate

Patterned steel plate

Detailed introduction

Product introduction:

Steel plate imported from Japan enjoys the advantage of good conducting of heat,resisting pressure,high quality mirror.By our steel plates you can produce the international standard card.The more than 2 years of experience of marketing and marketing operation make us choose the best quality steel plates for all our widely card making customers.


There are five kinds of steel plates:

 1.Slick steel plates SHP-1:

normal mirror effect,for planographic code and inkjet code.

 2.Matte steel plates SHP-1:

 on te surface there are tiny lights,thin and lubricious,for planographic code and inkjet code.

 3.Coarse matte steel SHP-3:

 Platoon lights on the surface,too coarse for planographic code.

 4.Moderate coarse matte steel plates SHP-4:

 no lights on the surface,moderate coarse.

 5.Fine matte steel plates SHP-5:

 no lights on the surface,relatively thin and lubricious,for planographic code and inkjet code.


 Size:  100mm*120mm;210mm*297mm;210mm*320mm;325mm*480mm;340mm*500mm

 Thickness: 0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1mm

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Patterned steel plate


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