CNJ-A3 automatic laminator



CNJ-A3 water cooled laminating machine adopts automatic digital temperature control, automatic control to complete the whole process of heating, constant temperature and cooling, after the end of the work alarm. Automatic pressure is fast and direct, this machine appearance is generous and beautiful, stable performance, and simple operation, advanced design, reliable quality, suitable for enterprises and institutions to use. IC and ID cores can be laminated twice.

Detailed introduction

Product parameters:

Number of laminates: 1-15 layers

Control mode: intelligent digital control

Temperature control range: 0-200℃

Refrigeration mode: water circulation refrigeration

Voltage: 220VAC

Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz

Power: 6KW

Dimensions: 800*600*520mm

Gross weight : 280KG

Working efficiency: 800-1200 sheets/hour

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