CNJ-Antenna Embedding and Bonding Two in One machine


Contactless card production line

Feature: The antenna embedding and bonding two in one machine embedding the wire and welding the wire with chip at the same time, combine with the advantage of antenna embedding machine and the bonding machine. Servo control and use the ultrasonic to embed, use the di-pulse inverter welding to weld, which ensure the quality of the products. In the machine structure, the machine is easy to operate and maintain, which enhances the service life of machine and the productivity. The appearance and style of the machine is concise and easy, rationalization and hommization, and the user-friendly operator interface protect the safety of operators. We can also design the different style appearance according to different requirement. We offer the good after-sale service and technical follow-up, and provide paid lifelong maintenance.

Detailed introduction

Main function:

1. Advanced ultrasonic wire embedding technology in China.

2. Machine runs stable; antennas are well distributed with uniform spacing.

3. .Servo system ensures accurate location.

4. Designed for wire layer of different layouts and various shapes of antenna.

5. Materials are loaded using dowel pin and vacuum absorbed, easy to adjust.

6. PC control with CAD software for easy adjustment.

7. The pulse, voltage, current and time of bonding are digitization, It’ accurate and easy to adjust.

8. CPU can remember several sets of layout data and each set can be called directly.

9. Advanced high-frequency inverter welding technology is used for high-current instant bonding.

10. Materials are loaded using the dowel pin.

11. It can finish winding and bonding which need to materials locating only once.


Overall dimension

Approx. L1700*W1400*H1850mm


 Approx. 1000kg  

Power  supply

AC220V 50/60HZ 30A



Air pressure

6 kg /cm2

Air consumption



Servo positioning + PC

Tolerance of adjustment



Scale of servo system = 0.01mm

Applicable materials

The PVC finished module placing


1 person

Output rate

12 seconds a wire (5 turns) per head. Max. 8 wiring heads. And 8 welding heads.

Product percent of pass


key word:

welding machine


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